Yes, it is safe and I am using its motionjoy software without facing any kind of issue. Although when I play this game then I must use the PS3 controller instead of a built-in controller. So with the help of the youtube, I have watch, how to set up the controller to my system via motionjoy. As it is one of the best racing games and definitely, you will feel better. As most of the time, there are various virus and the scans of the malware then there is nothing of DS3 which has come up.

Makes sure that you have to restart your system once the driver has loaded for the PS3 controller. In case if you have the previous and the older version then you have to click the enable option from the DS3 application. However, from the research of the sensitivity setting,it is founded that there are no biases against the controllers.  Now it’s fine and we are using this application for the last 3 years and we don’t have any kind of complaint regarding the PS3 controller.

However, it is safe and you need to have any kind of trojans. If I talk about the drivers then it has been signed-in properly. Ever they are also fixed so that there is no need for the F8 thing. But you have to keep one thing in mind that you have to download the latest version from the official website of the motionjoy. There you will not face any kind of problem and it is totally safe to download from the website. Now just play its wonderful racing game on your system as it works great and has safe.

As most of the people who are against misapplication. Just because the author steals the code from the source of other people. Even when the code is not published the motionjoy source code. You need to disabled the driver’s check. So this may lead to the speculating the program of the trojan. So now there is nothing to do with the race.

For this problem, you have to not sign up for the older version. You have to use the latest version so that you will not face this kind of problem. Even still, you have any kind of doubt regarding the safety of the motionjoy then let us know by commenting below in the comment section.