Without running the program, the motioninjoy will not be working. Even, if you want the PlayStation then it will be done with the help of the program only. So basically the users of this application are facing the problem of the program working. Now in today’s blogs, I am providing the why the motioninjoy not working and give you the complete solution also.

Fix Motioninjoy Not Working Problem

Mainly what happens when you install the motioninjoy application on your device. Then the blank page will appear on the screen which is white in color. This page is similar to the page when you open the website and you will not get anything just because of the poor connectivity. As there are various problems due to which this motioninjoy application will not work. So there is no need to ake any kind of tension in mind. You just need to simply install and install the program that you are running. There is no need to do anything. else.

Even by doing the install and uninstall of the program will not give the proper solution. Then, in that case, you can switch to the other application which is new. So that you can enable the use of the PlayStation controller. Although the users of the motioninjoy are switching to the program which are new. The new program is known as the SCP driver. This driver will give you the same performance. But make sure that it is difficult to use this driver and now you can easily remove th motioninjoy.

Alternate Way To Fix Motioninjoy Not Working

Now another solution is the find the version which is portable to the Program Files/Motioninjoy/ds3 folder. So you just need to paste that file in this folder. In case, you have to find that folder it might be difficult for you.  Then the person can only search this folder who are using the same program and the doest matter if you are using the different computer just to install the files.

However, most of the time, this application will create the misorder with the other device of the Bluetooth and even with the USB devices also. So, in that case, you have to use the latest version and install it properly with the proper security just to avoid any kind of virus-like malfunction.

I hope you will get the proper and easy solution when your motioninjoy will not work. But still, you have any kind of the don’t then let us know by commenting below in the comment section. We will definitely provide you the best solution.